Sabbatical Update: running behind

Today is day 13 of my self-proclaimed sabbatical. The purpose of the sabbatical is to find rest, pursue new pursuits and education, and determine the direction of my vocation for the next couple of decades. That list apparently requires more time than I have currently been allocated in my days.

Well, maybe not exactly.  There are also certain projects around the hearth and home that have taken time, but are starting to wrap. Once they do so, and finish using up time, they will give that time back to my schedule, plus the time efficiency that their creation is intended to give.

The education, the Master’s Degree from Gonzaga, is proceding behind, but less behind. The career counseling had its second session today, with most of my homework incomplete. But the house now has a functional dining room and library again, both with a few objects left to be moved and repurposed.

Tonight is Tuesday night, my musical energizing night. Songflower Chorale is preparing for its April 29 concert.  I always come back with more energy, but it does take time and commitment.

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