Fitness Update: Breakfast Salads

I was attending a monthly men’s breakfast at Golden Corral two Saturday’s ago when one of the other men looked at the plates before me and said “I never thought about having a salad  for breakfast.”

If you had been sitting there you would have seen me with two plates: A salad plate and an omelet plate. My standard fare is to pick up some of the romaine and spinach, add mushrooms, black olives, pepperoni, dried currants and raisins, parmesan cheese, ceasar dressing, etc., and then add fruit to the side. That plate is complemented by another plate with an omelet featuring every option from the omelet bar except for the Jalapenos.

By the time I get done eating those two plates, I don’t have room for many of the other heavy and fatty items on the bar, even though I have no problems with eating heavy or fatty foods.

But I bring it up to mention the salad portion. Why don’t we eat salads for breakfast? Lately I have been making myself bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, and adding a side of baby salad greens with a lot of one or another salad dressings. It is an easy way to get some “roughage” into the diet.

So today, I am interpreting the fitness update a little more broadly, and featuring some ruminations on diet.

It is easy to add such things into the diet, small ways, different places. I might have  further ruminations on other dietary features in future posts.

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