Sabbatical Update: Class of cultures

Well,. the sabbatical started to progress on the projects, then hit a halt the first of the week.

We recently became involved in a clash of local cultures: Suburban  Middle Class vs. on-the-street culture. Turns out there are a lot of manners that are quite different. A polite middle class greeting can be seen as a total insult.

The use of resources is also unique. And don’t  talk about our particular corner of our culture — the music, movies, and other entertainment options just don’t make the cut.

The interesting thing I found is that the under-class is the one to talk about being critiqued. Yet in my interchanges I have been very receptive and tolerant of the under-class preferences, while they have basically discounted most of my artistic tastes.

This is just a short intro to the subject. I probably won’t write  much more later, but if the inspiration strikes…

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