Fitness Update: A run for the (insert choice of word)

Well, the attempt to schedule last week has paid some dividends. I am waking up at the same time, not that I haven’t gone back to sleep right after on occasion. Mornings still seem to be starting late and getting done long before the work I intend to accomplish in them. Yet the regularity of the morning dog exercise in getting back online.

What I need to do now is find the spot for some weekly running in the schedule. Taking an hour to walk the dog via bicycle hasn’t proved conducive to running afterwards. I am not certain how conducive it would be to try running before taking out the dog (which would entail getting out without the dog noticing — a dubious prospect).

Of course, our current cold spell with snow (in April) isn’t helping to encourage my getting to a run yet. We will see if the magic mixture of opportunity and determination will show up this week.

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