Sabbatical: change but not rest

Today we take another look at the previous week, but from the perspective of the self proclaimed sabbatical.

On Mondays I discussed my fitness progress from a physical perspective. The sabbatical update report could be considered similarly a progress report from a mental emotional well-being status. This past week saw days we’re getting through the regular items intended or difficult but it also included days where significant items that I wanted to get two were taken care of.

Last Wednesday saw important movements in the house renovation process. The piano moved into the dining room was tuned for the first time since it had been moved into the house in 2003. It was tuned by Charles Friend, and his business card with the prior tuning was still inside the piano. On the same day the contractor came back for more work on the deck. We now have a rail on the side by the driveway that includes vertical post things whatever they’re called. There is also the poured foundations for the steps that will go down on the yard side to the South.

Sunday was Easter; and also April Fool’s Day. The snow started falling near the end of church service and refueling it a little less than an inch by evening. We also had my in-laws over for Easter dinner and had our first formal meal in the new dining room.

The one thing I didn’t get done last week was significant progress on the master’s degree project. Monday was a big recoup on that project and momentum should be now in hand finally to catch it up and complete it by the end of the month. It has to be done by the end of the month.

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