Fitness update: turning signals and staying in your lane

Today’s Fitness update is going to be a very short vignette from this morning. I was out with the dog on the bicycle giving him his daily excursion when I came up on Parvin Road and a detour sign because of construction. I never could see from either end up going around the detour what was being constructed but that has nothing to do with the vignette I want to share so that is all I am going to say about it.

It was on the detour which was on a side street that was paved like a side street but was heavy traffic like a Main Street that I came to a stop sign. There was a car coming up from behind me and a van up on the left. It was a two-way stop so the van had the right of way but it stopped.

I signaled for the driver to go; he signaled for me to go; I signaled for him to go. The car behind me was ready to try to pass me so I went to prevent him from taking the spot and blocking me from getting out the intersection at all. When I got over to the driver I said you don’t have a stop sign. He said but the other car is in the middle of the street so I couldn’t get by it.

The driver of the van should have had his turning signal on so I knew that it was safe for me to turn. The car behind me should not try to pass me in the center of the street when coming up to a stop sign where I need to make a right of way to everyone else access. The van driver was correct that the other car was blocking his way, but it wasn’t blocking his way until he didn’t go.

Today’s Fitness update is a public service announcement for motor vehicle drivers on proper etiquette and legal rules for interacting with bicycles on public streets.

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