A Blast of the Past #140 : Christmas 2011

Today’s blast of the past is going to be a catalogue of sorts. Pictures of Christmas presents. Interesting what patterns emerge in gifts for a certain year.

Nathan in the big picture is holding one of the videos we got from the Institute for Creation Research. The other video he is holding is a pilgrims progress video done in a cinematic story book. In the ethird picture he is holding the box of a Lego Hero Factory  set for Drill Dozer — one of the villains in the fire villain series.

I received a Jimmy Stewart movie collection that we haven’t managed to watch all of (and we like the films), and then a David Weber book, How Firm a Foundation, from his Safehold series.

This was also the year that we got into the Zhu Zhu pets — and had a lot of fun for about 6 months at the tail end of that craze.

Betsy in the final frame is holding up something much more enduring than the Zhu Zhu pets — The What’s in the Bible Series of videos.  We apparently got videos 4 and 5 that had just come out in what eventually was the 13-disc series.

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