Fitness Update: To the Work

Well, the fitness regimen I had previous to the Sabbatical Year revolved around the contingencies of a steady work schedule and a somewhat steady but flexible home schedule.

The sabbatical wiped out the steady work schedule, which gave more time, with discpline, for physical fitness, presumably.  But a free schedule isn’t as productive as it seems. Shape is required.

The final factor that upset most of the schedule, but also is putting it back together, is the temporary/seasonal employment. Getting up and getting going to work gives drive for something throughout the day, but it also detracts from the other projects. And I’me beginning to learn what a flexible work schedule does to planning the rest of one’s schedule. Planning things to do in a flexible time window, on irregular days, takes even more discipline.

But I’m starting to pick up on that scheduling.  Running later at night in warmer weather seems to be working better than trying early mornings since the dog excursions take up the start of the day.

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