Sabbatical Update: The World Turned Upside Down

Right now I don’t even know what number day today is in my self-proclaimed sabbatical year. Most of the month of May was swallowed up in changes — not to priorities — but to the ordered progression of how they would be done.

The blog posts disappeared, my reading schedule turned upside down. I did get the dog back onto a better running schedule in the mornings.

The things that did get done first were seasonal employment — jobs for the wife and daughter. Also transitional work for me.

I didn’t realize how energizing the simple assignment of work could be, nor the amount of energy it took from the other projects.

I didn’t get the master’s degree finished in May. Have the idea for it, just need to find the right online apps and research additional literature on the topic. So that is being tabled to the end of the year, most likely. Probably another semester.

So now the focus is coming  back to the job search. I am still working on deciding the field/job combination — or maybe a set of three or four — that I should look into.

I did have an interesting conversation, accidental, at Oceans of Fun that also stimulated my job search. I had a random conversation with a gentlemen at Oceans of Fun, while we were both floating around the Caribbean Cooler lazy river. I didn’t ask his name, or his company, but I realized afterwards he had a position that was something I should consider. Not that I want his type of travel, but he works for “one of about 11 small companies” that provide teaching/education classes for the EPA. He goes around on a circruit of 45 or 25 cities and teaches these classes. He said he is teaching science and he failed science in school. Getting the position required a long wait, the right connections, but not specific education that I could figure out. If I can find positions that have similar opportunities, and get on the short list, I could get a third major career underway in my lifetime.

So now to do the other homework this week for the job search.

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