A Blast of the Past #142: (The Lost Post)

Below is the blast of the past intended for a week ago Friday, but that after it was written, disappeared for all but the uploaded pictures. I don’t even have the text to know exactly what I wrote.  It is the second time within the past week that a post has been erased by WordPress, though the other time I saw it disappear in front of my own eyes so I was able to have it rewritten at the time.  This time it disappeared after I had sent the post to be posted and seen the completed post come up on my own screen, but apparently not on the full website itself.

The post had comments about our garden efforts from 2012. I showed the below pictures of the tomato plants we received from Harris Seeds (Our preferred garden seed provider), and then a couple of pictures of a garden snake that we saw around our place.

It also cobbled in some pictures that the number two offspring took of his Lego creations, where he took his Bionicle figure sets and combined and reconfigured them into new and different creations.

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