Customer Service Calamity Day

Thursday, June  7, 2018 is a day I could wish redone to fix all the calamities that happened in my various retail and commercial interactions. If one believed in the fates and chance, it was a day that one could certainly declare that the dice had been rolled is a long losing streak on my behalf.

The day began with a visit to the doctor.  It wasn’t my doctor — he was out this week — so I saw Dr. Lowery. I was going in because I had this severe rash all over my four limbs and portions of the torso. The doctor said it was poison ivy and got be a steroid shot in the glutinous maximus. That was in addition to the daily generic Allegra and 4 times a day generic Benadryl.

Bu I wasn’t convinced it was poison ivy.  Hot showers should set the poison ivy rash aflame, and yet hot showers made it better. But the doctor didn’t seem to be deterred by my aberrant data.

Next was the visit to Home Depot. We had four different items we were looking for. One was a box of screws to match the ones our contractor used constructing our deck. After finding the screws aisle we couldn’t locate a matching screw within five minutes so we spent the next five minutes trying to find an associate to ask a question. When we did find him, I said, “would you help me find someone who could help us locate screws like this one?” His answer was that another associate, who just appeared and aisle away, was from the right area.

He went over to the person and mentioned my need. I overheard the guys respond that he had to do something for someone else first. Then a third associate came up and they talked a moment and all three disappeared — without any one of them saying “we’ll be with you in just a minute” or anything of the kind.

So I turned and walked to the front of the store with the self service registers and told the associate there to summon the store manager for me, because I needed to speak to him immediately. He got her on the line and Maxine came down about 5 minutes later. She came down and searched, found another associate from the area and they finally located the box of screws. But she never said anything like an apology for what happened.

So when I got home I filed a complaint on the Home Depot website and called their help line to similarly file. The next day while I was working I got a call from the top level store manager during my work shift. Since I can’t answer cell phones on shift, I gave him a quick call back and left a message during my break when I got his message.  When I got home I left another message on the cell number he left.  To this point those two messages have yet to be returned.


The third event was at QT after picking up the ladies of the family from the end of their work shift.  We used the QT mobile ad to order an extra large pizza and four soft pretzels. When we got to the store they were still being worked on, but then the pretzels were completed, we mentioned we were still looking for our pizza, and they said they had stuck it in the oven. But when the next pizza came out, it wasn’t ours, and they said our pizza had already been given to us.

When everything got put together, it turned out that our pizza was ready first, before the pretzels, but wasn’t cleared off the assignment board until after the pretzels, which confused everyone. And someone either took a pizza they didn’t order/pay for, or the pizza that came out that wasn’t ours was the one the guy was supposed to get, and he took the wrong pizza and got the wrong toppings, etc. QT apologized, started another pizza for us. But our QT quick meal on the way home took close to an hour by the time everything was unraveled.

The final thing of the day was a phone call I made to an online data service agency to cancel our membership before the end of the free trial. I signed up for it because the ad link assured me I could get information on someone that included a Social Security number, but the file on the person did not include anything related to social security.

I didn’t get to a real person and so had to leave a request to have them call back when it became my turn. Which didn’t happen until sometime the next day just before I got off work. Since I couldn’t use my phone at that time, I had to call their line back, and start from the same position in order. But this time when I left my number they got back to me within 30 minutes, and said they cant’ get SSN. He had no idea how the ad implied that.

So the day ended with a lot of things just not working out correctly. The “unperfect” day.


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