Fitness Update: Bicycle anecdote

Since I don’t bicycle to work on a regular basis anymore, I don’t have that part of my usual fitness regimen to keep me active.

But I did get the encouragement from talking to one of y Madrigal singer friends, who has apparently taken up a similar fitness regimen — or like me possibly also a practical economic regimen — of riding a bicycle to work.

While giving him a lift from rehearsal home yesterday (carpooling is always a good economic and environmental idea), we got to talking about his latest bicycle leg bruise, which brought up the whole topic of cycling.

What came of it is how hard it is to get started. You have so little relative stamina at that point. But if you just keep going, soon you find out that you are climbing long hills without stopping that a short while ago would have had you walking and stopping several times.

We also discussed the benefit and handicap of computer and mobile app route makers. Google Maps sometimes gives really good, and sometimes really poor, advice on what routes to take.

But overall, the encouragement was to keep at it, and to keep learning about the better ways of doing it.


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