A Blast of the Past #143: Ours, Fred and Judy

Today’s blast of the past photos come from Father’s Day 2012. Sort of neat to have something about Father’s Day so close to Father’s Day.

The Avondale United Methodist Church we attend has had many musical ExtravaGANzas over the years, some of them for Father’s Day. For the 2012 Father’s Day Extravaganza  Betsy and I performed a number from the classical Fred Astaire and Judy Garland movie Easter Parade (as Kevin Hershberger, the church music director, noted in the below video). So in addition to pictures, I decided to upload the video clip. Then, to make the blast a little more deeper, historical, I found this clip from the movie to add to it.

The second clip is dangerous of course, because it might encourage some people to compare us the the “greats” of Astaire and Garland. Just remember they are acting, we are singing  with a little “bit of choreography”. Now, if you want to compare, note how much better Betsy’s choreography is than mine: She is more coy, has a better stage kick, can even look better at holding her nose than I can. I may be more of the acting ham than she is, but for the nuance of the art, she has more flair and touch than I.

And of course she looks much more beautiful than Judy Garland does. (Of course we didn’t dirty up like Garland and Astaire, but still, more beautiful, for sure …)

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