The New Grill: A Father’s Day Event

One of the things we have been contemplating getting with all the house movements and the new deck was a grill to go with it. I didn’t want anything too big, but wanted something that I could use, and hopefully I would find time to actually be home to grill.

We eventually found the right item in a Target Special: A CharBroil Classic 2 burner grill. Suggested Retail of $100 on sale for $80 with and additional 15% off. So I got it, a cover, and a grilling kit with apron, mitt and hot pad.

Of course, all my prior Propane experience has been with the 2 pound disposable cans.  This grill takes the standard 20 pounds cylinder that you use and exchange. So I spent time talking to my father-in-law about propane cylinders, how to buy, etc.  I mean, with Google and the internet, I could have learned everything I needed from the precise searches. But every so often it is better to acquire knowledge from direct human conversation, with all the nuance and massaging of information.

It was also a great excuse to spend time with mom and dad. We never have enough time with those important people in our lives, and it is true that you come to appreciate their experience and knowledge more as the years go on.

In the other generational direction, it was my offspring unit number 2 who helped me assemble the grill (perhaps more accurately I helped him, since he was more instrumental in the process) on Tuesday, and then helped me add the tank this evening after we acquired it today. I will ask him to confirm if there are any “before you use the grill” steps, or first use things to test before opening full bore.

So here are the few pictures I have of the grill and the gas cylinder acquisition.

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