Fitness Update: Leg not-exactly-cramps

This week was the trip to LibertyCon, which meant a hiatus in regular scheduled activities.

But it didn’t mean a lack of fitness attempts.  I swam once, did a lot of walking, and while my sleep schedule was off kilter, managed to keep getting sleep and naps in between events to keep the energy and alertness going.

But the sitting, especially during driving, seems to have created, or resurfaced, a certain sort of uneasiness along a section of the left leg, from top to bottom. Standing up and moving helps it decrease, but it doesn’t always go away.

It is seldom, though sometimes, pain, more often uneasiness. When mentioned people first assume I am talking about cramps, and while I have cramps at various times, this isn’t cramps.

So I am not sure what it is.  Stretching, which I haven’t done as rigorously as I previously did, also helps. But if it doesn’t go away, I think another trip to the chiropractor, whom I haven’t seen in awhile, is in order.

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