Sabbatical Update: bicycle vignette

The work of simplification is never done. Keep dropping items until the balance allows forward progress and try to not pick up too many items until the momentum can handle them.

Rain slowed down the outdoor house projects this week. The staining of the deck is caught in mid-stream with the flowing water delaying completion.

That same rain is giving momentum to the growing of the corn. Whether that is soon enough to fill out the ears, or whether they are already fated to be barren, we will have to see.

It can’t please everyone.

On Sunday I worked an extra shift to cover for someone, and got caught in a torrential downpour getting to my work location. Under an awning I talked to another worker, in a different department. when I mentioned having arrived by car, and my wife on the way home mentioned this storm coming our way, he mentioned having arrived himself by bicycle.

To which I gave him a high five. And told him about biking to work at my previous job. He agreed that trying to stay dry in the rain isn’t worth it on a bike. If you keep the outside water off, you sweat up enough inside water to make it worse. Best to get wet and change into dry at the other end.

Just enjoy and accept it.  You can bike through the rain. You can bundle up and bike through the cold. When it is both wet and cold — that’s the one that’s the rub.


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