Kearney on Foot

After being kicked out of the dentist’s office I hoofed it (on foot, down the main street in front of the dental practice). Motion kept the thoughts moving and the pain at bay, as I tried to decide how to get myself back into the dentist.

I began by Googling other dentists in Kearney. Perhaps I could talk to one of their offices, and get one of them to contact my dentist. Surely the brotherhood of dentists talk to each other, some sort of professional rapport?

Well, I failed on that idea. My first Google address took me to the center of and intersection where there was no dentist, so i went to Kearney Vision Care, where I saw the lady we always expect there who gives us cheerful, friendly and competent service. She has been there for years and I still don’t know what her name is.

She asked how my day was, and I said not their fault but wasn’t going well. Got kicked out of my dentist’s office, and would she be kind enough to help me find another dentist in Kearney.

She found me two: one up the street and one across the street. Both of them had the same packed schedules as my dentist, so no getting in, and no, their dentists didn’t talk to my dentist, or any other dentist.

So I went back to the lady at Kearney Vision and asked if she could look up the Kearney Chamber of Commerce. Maybe I could get someone there to talk to the dentist. That was located all the way on the other side of Interstate 35. Inside one of two banks. I checked at the wrong bank first, because it was closer, and got to the Chamber of Commerce at last.

Turns out my dentist isn’t a member of the chamber, so they couldn’t do anything there. But they did suggest the CVS Minute clinic. That was a walk all the way back to Jefferson Street where Google tried to send me to the dentist that wasn’t.

I filled out the autoform at CVS but the lady didn’t check me in. Said she didn’t see anything bacterial, and couldn’t do anything for dental. So I picked up some gum numbing agent and tooth shield and then called Betsy and told her to head back to the dentist’s parking lot, where they were, by chance, leaving for lunch. The dentist talked to Betsy and gave us an appointment at the end of the day.

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