Dental Sticker Shock

As if I hadn’t enough stress from my initial visit to the Dentist is September, today I got a bill in the mail from them.

I have been paying all our medical bills up to date, as received, and nothing gets past 60 days after insurance review. Yet today we receive a bill that has a 90 days section of $446.90 of which we have seen no prior bills advising us of same. I suppose the bills might have been sent to us, and our mail fraud interceptors got the dental statements each time and we never saw them.

But there is also a current items section, which means under 30 days, for $965.00. The only dental interactions we have had in the past 30 days was my visit on Christmas Thursday, which was the last day of the billing period. So that last appointment at the end of the day with the doctor must have cost $965.00. But they aren’t trying anything with the insurance on it then. And all I have is a current items amount, no line detail of the expense or expenses.

So it is a total bill of $1,411.90 with no explanation and done immediately after the previous incidident. It feels like a slap of revenge. I am having trouble generating my usual gift of finding a plausible “compassionate” reason that puts this in a positive light. I must try harder.

I didn’t know how I could call to ask questions either. The person I would talk to is the same person who kicked me out of the office while in dental and oral duress. I do know I am not simply paying the bill. I’ve always tried to be up on my medical bills, but this just doesn’t seem right.

More to come. That is the one sure thing.

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