#315: Deeper and Deeper

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


Into the heart of Jesus Deeper and deeper I go,

Seeking to know the reason Why He should love me so —

Why He should stoop to lift me Up from the miry clay,

Saving my soul, making me whole, Tho I had wandered away.


Into the will of Jesus, Deeper and deeper I go,

Praying for grace to follow, Seeking His way to know;

Bowing in full surrender Low at His blessed feet,

Bidding Him take, break me and make, Till I am molded and meet.


Into the cross of Jesus, Deeper and deeper I go,

Following thru the garden, Facing the dreaded foe;

Drinking the cup of sorrow, — Sobbing with broken heart,

“O Savior, help! dear Savior, help” Grace for my weakness impart.!


Into the joy of Jesus, Deeper and deeper I go,

Rising, with soul enraptured, Far from the world below,;

Joy in the place of sorrow, Peace in the midst of pain,

Jesus with give, Jesus will give — He will uphold and sustain.


Into the love of Jesus Deeper and deeper I go,

Praising the One who brought me Out of my sin and woe;

And thru eternal ages Gratefully I shall sing,

“O how He love! O how He love! Jesus, my Lord and my King!”

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