#320: OI Want to Be Like Jesus

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


O I want to be like Jesus As I walk along this pilgrim way;

O I want to live like Jesus, Showing forth His beauty ev’ry day.

This my prayer and deepest longing — To be pure without, within;

O I want to be like Jesus, Cleansed from dross and free from self and sin.


O, I want to talk like Jesus, — Gracious are the words from Him we hear:

Words of life and hope for sinners, Tender, healing words of love and cheer.

O the power and the value Of a fitly spoken word!

O I want to talk like Jesus Any time or place my voice is heard.


O I want to serve lie Jesus — Willingly He came from heav’n above;

On the earth He lived for others, Spent His life in kindly deeds of love.

I would follow where He leads me And His bidding always do;

O I want to serve like Jesus Till my trav’ling days on earth are through.

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