The Swift Précis

The Swift Précis Is a Tuesday feature where I choose what I found the most interesting reading during the past week and piece it together for your browsing pleasure. Most of it will be from blogs and other internet offerings — with appropriate links. But when I choose something in print, I will reference that as best I can too, for you to look up and follow if you so choose.

This link here is a blog by Cedar Sanderson on her struggle with helping her kids, and how it can strangle their independence. With two kids of my own I see the same thing. Perhaps it is just my memory, but I think I had more independence in my growing up, and my kids generation has less, more protection, less risk, less independence.

For Humor, try this link of short vignettes.

Over at According to Hoyt an article on one of our cultures current insanities.

Considering being a writer? Cedar Sanderson suggests there are benefits in the part-time trajectory and longevity is one of the big ones.

For those of you that get more out of video, here are some good advice videos, all rounded up in one blog.

Hey, what is an unrealized life skill? Standing still. See this excellent blog on how to achieve this with ease.

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