Choong-ho Kwon

You were the perfect pastor at just the right time for Avondale United Methodist Church, and an undeserved blessing from God when we needed it most. We have probably been a trial to you on occasion, but sometimes you are dense beyond the denseness of the matter in a black hole.

When I said that I really felt a need to talk to Jonathan Ray, but that with my current health condition, and the fact that my phone had been stolen, that technology was not working for me, and I could not get my e-mail to do what I wanted, suggesting that I reply to the email he sends to the choir, which I already explained trying to do unsuccessfully, is not really an option. When something isn’t working it isn’t working. That is why I went the old school phone call to you instead of an e-mail and asked you to have him give me a call back instead of try and e-mail. Yes, I have a replacement phone, but so far all it is doing for certain is traditional phone calls.

Don’t be dense.

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