In recent days I have found myself unable to sing because of tears. Not because I was sad, but because my attempts to sing would break into moments of such intense Joy that only tears could express the power and the glory and the beauty of the Joy that I felt.

Sometimes I couldn’t even start singing. Just the thought of the songs brought the tears up before my voice could even sound. This intensity of Joy is almost too wonderful for us. Heaven alone can experience this sensation, as C.S Lewis called it, “getting down to the serious business of Joy”.

And yet I have had a few times for the other tears as well. When I see the American people working and cooperating and sharing together. My heart sometimes wants to break, especially when I see how many are using this current crisis not for the health and safety of the body, but to aggrandize their own power and their own agendas. People who hate and would destroy the freedom of the American people.

We are willing to give of our freedom to help others, and we have given much, both in the security theatre of 9/11 and the health theatre of Covid 19. And in both our enemies have gotten us way too willing for certain yokes by our common sense attitude to not inconvenience the person ahead or behind us in a line to make a point of our personal rights.

But already I have seen people direct me to break rules that have no use to make it right and reasonable for me to get around as the invalid I currently am. I pray This continues, and we see through the ruses of the ones who complain about preferring money over lives, while they neglect the lives of those who will die without that money to survive, and shouldn’t have to become wards of the state and relinquish their freedoms thereby.

There are enemies of the public weal out there, posing as angels of light. I pray the American people prove sensible enough to recognize these wolves is sheeps’ clothing before it is too late.v

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