Accident Prone

I went 20 plus years free of car accidents, but the past couple of years I have become an accident magnet. This morning was only the most recent of three accidents for our new car from last November, and that was a replacement for our car of 20 years that had three major accidents in its final year.

Today’s accident occurred after midnight, while parked on Warwick just above Emmanual Cleaver . My one friend was waiting in the car while I visited another one inside the building. While I was up in the building and he was waiting in the passenger seat, a dark SUV came around the corner and hit the rear driver’s panel, before turning the corner onto Emanual Cleaver and disappearing.

So hit and run, and our repairs based on that unknown insurance company paying. We were just getting things back on keel after the losses of jobs and the current crisis and such, but the car keeps on pulling things back.

So what to do now?

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