When did the defense attorney become the plea attorney?

I am wasting my time this morning waiting for my appointed court time to have a bench trial for the charge of assaulting someone on Dec. 23.

The ironic part is that the person accusing me of assaulting him had his hands around my neck before I succeeded in disengaging from him. When I got a door between me and him, and he started hurling threats about coming after me, I battered the door with a physical object to convince him it was in his best interest to stay on his side of that door.

He let the police Into my house with the promise of video footage showing that I had hit him while battering the door, footage he then was unable to provide.  Yet though he lied to them, the police chose to arrest me and ignore the testimony of the one other witness who said she had seen him with his hands about my neck.  Instead they only reported her seeing my battering of the door.

And so now I have a lawyer who doesn’t think it his job to defend me, since I am innocent, but to get a plea that keeps me out of jail with public service. And most people go along with this. Even if innocent you don’t want to get sentenced to jail by a judge.

My current best hope is that the one assaulted will decide not to show up in court to assert his false accusation and that the whole thing will be dismissed.

If that happens, the only remaining thing is the charge of resisting arrest, since they apparently arrest me while I was going up the stairs, and pulled me down to the ground and injured my shoulder and elbow to the tune of the almost $10K it has cost to diagnosis and treat this injury.

I didn’t hear to understand what they were saying until after I was lying dazed on the ground. It never occurred to me, idealist that I was, that I could ever be arrested for someone assaulting me in my own house.

The one who assaulted me used my arrest to steal thousands of dollars of stuff from my house, and would have done more, if his attempts to keep my wife from getting out of the driveway to get me out on bail hadn’t be stymied by that one other witness.

I have video footage of some of his theft, enough for the detective to charge him with stealing. it is my assertion that he chose to get me arrested so he could steal from me, and that his assertion that I hit him should not be believed based on the advantage he made of my arrest. But I doubt that is counted a legitimate defense.

But I can still hear those words he said blocking the door and my way of exit, right before he tried to wrap his hands around my neck “now I have you where I want you.”

When I heard those words I still bore the marks of his fingers in well defined black and blue shapes on my right bicep, marks made from the last time he had tried physical force against me

But that was done In front of too many others and he had not been able to turn it to advantage, and I had not thought to get the police to intervene.

And while I was writing that lawyer came.out and said the charges were dismissed. The plaintiff didn’t show up. Though I wasn’t defended. The city reserved the right to bring the charges again later if they chose.

So my latest look into the anything but justice system says that police are trained to lie to you whenever they can, and that lawyers are not trained to defend but to bargain and plea. No one is allowed to be innocent. Just choose the least amount of hassle possible.

How I long for the simplicity of “Truth, Justice, and the American way.” It is still the American way, but the less than justice system we have isn’t American anymore.

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