An unusual New Year’s Resolution

I hope none of you are in a position to consider this, but my New Year’s Resolution is to avoid being assaulted or being charged with assaulting someone else in 2022.

I choose this after a series of four years in which I have been assaulted each year, and in the latter two years have been charged with assaulting the person who assaulted me. I went to court to prove my innocence for the assault while they got off scott free for assaulting me. My last assault, on Dec. 6, 2021, the police finally got around to charging my assailant (trial upcoming in 2022), but let my assailant steal a mitre saw that belonged to me and the title to my wrecked car that I was trying to sell, both stolen while the police watched. They did, however, manage to charge me with stealing clothes from the assailant that I didn’t take, and which he has in his possession.

It is amazing. guilt or innocence isn’t the issue in these things anymore. When I hired a lawyer for my two assault charges, I thought i was getting a defense lawyer. But what I was really getting was a plea lawyer. It is all about the nuisance factor. What will you plead to to avoid further legal hassle?

So, to achieve my resolution, I need to determine how I got into the situations that the assaults ocurred. And it seems that most of them started with charity and compassion impusles. Some suggest I give up compassion. It is a hard decision. More on this later, maybe…

One response to “An unusual New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Turns out I made an error of statement above. When I finally went to the police station after my Dec. 6 assault the police filed a report, but didn’t press any charges against my assailant. I still had to defend myself against charges of stealing from my assailant, while he got away with thousands of dollars of my belongings that he took out of my house under the noses of police officers that didn’t let me question anything. But to get those goods out of my reach he had no friends to come help him move his stuff. Instead, the friend I called to console my Bill Conaway, used his pickup truck to haul those items away, even after I told Bill that he would be taking possession of stolen property, mine, if he did so, just as Mary Lee and Charles Trnka took possession of stolen property when they let Greg Hardy put his goods (and mine) on their property.


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