I am fated to cry

I have intended for quite awhile to start blogging again today. But it didn’t get me doing as much prep work as I wanted to. But it did get me to write the below intended starting post for today:

I was going to make today a new start, with new commitment, and instead I slept through the plans made for the day.

I apparently woke up when the family came by before church, talked to them, fed the dog, none of which I remembered. And then slept until 2:30 p.m. instead of meeting everyone at the park at noon. When I woke up I wailed, jumping and jiving excluded.d And cried for a few hours. U might stop crying sometime.

All I remember is waking up at 10 a.m. hearing Betsy’s voice and going to the bed to wait gor her to come by (she is housesitting for three weeks elsewhere so wasn’t staying at the house last night).

It looks like the holidays are going to be a thing of the past for me for awhile. Christmas disappeared for me Dec. 6 when someone then living with us assaulted (hit me 4 times on back and elbows with a metal rod) me, and the friend from church who came to console me instead told me I needed to be nicer to the guy who assailed me, helped him move his stuff out of by house (including the items that guest of ours was stealing from me), and detained my Wife, prevented my Betsy from leaving her own house by blocking her way and not letting her by. When I heard of this while waiting for her to join me at the police station, I penned a letter that said I felt that anyone who did that to my wife in her own home deserved to have his block knocked off. This got the pastor to castigate me for violence, but nothing was ever mentioned about the violence done to Betsy’s freedom and personal dignity.

Just before Easter I had to stop going to Avondale United Methodist Church because I no longer felt safe there. Not only was the violence done to Betsy and me totally unacknowleged, but the sounds being made by some made be concerned (and irritated) that someone might come up with another good deed that would threaten my freedom and personal liberties.

The church claims to be a “reconciling congregation”, but that is only if you meet and match certain modern politically popular notions. It isn’t safe to point this out.

So my birthday was by chance to reclaim the holidays. It failed. I am trying to not wail too much at other people, as it would be too much like a drama queen and I make enough drama already.

But expect more tears, and laughter, and blogs. As I continue to assure people, you can never keep someone down when it is the Lord who bears him up.

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