When Church is no longer Sanctuary

Avondale United Methodist Church, where I have attened and worshipped and served these past 14 years, is no longer safe for me. I no longer feel safe going there.

Do I feel that I am physicalliy threatened, that I could receive bodily injury while I am there, do I think I might be physically molested or abused? No. Then why do I not feel safe? Because last Dec. 6 someone from AUMC did a careless good deed for which I might spend 6 months in jail for something I didn’t do. And because I took objection to this good deed people are somehow now scared of me, and there is talk about my mental instability, to the extent that I fear some other careless good deed might find me whisked from church to the local mental health hospital against my will. Such do-gooders seldom bother themselves with ideas of individual rights and personal freedoms against what they know to be the greater good.

Is there a big stretch between the above ideas? Yes. Can it be validated? Most definitely.

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