My Video Letter to the leadership of the Church at Avondale.

Be warned, Christ says this is HIS church, and his worship services, not yours. Grieve not the Spirit nor turn away those who seek My aid. Remove the vipers from among you so they no longer prey on the weak, Remove the wolves from among My flock, even if they be dressed as ministers of light.

2 responses to “My Video Letter to the leadership of the Church at Avondale.”

  1. Excellent explanation of the paradigm of your thinking and the paradigm of thinking you experienced from Avondale UMC.
    It also clarifies and explains several of the phone calls I’ve received from you in the past year.
    Please know that we will be praying you achieve the reconciliation and restoration of fellowship you do desperately and graciously are seeking.


    • I have requested the KCMO PD do a wellness check on the pastor’s health as his responses are not those of a a sane nor safe man, especially one in the authority he continues to exercise.


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