My Crimes are most Curious

Michael Dunlap has very social, very non-Christian views of right and wrong. He deems my actions to be “inappropriate behaviour.” This gives someone the impression of someone flashing someone in church, or other such indecent actions. But what are they?

1) Seeking the protection and sanctuary of the church during the worship service when threatened by another parishioner with physical and mental harm by same as well as the violation of my civil rights by this parishioner.

2) Communicating the truth to staff members via electronic communications on subjects they asked to know about but did not want to hear the truth about. They preferred for me to lie to them so they could feel comfortable instead of hear the truth.

3) Engaging in behaviors that several different church attendees consider threatening. What do they do, take a poll on what items are threatening, then don’t publish it, but it if you do these they tell you to get out of the church.?

Disagreeing with the pastor could be considered threatening. Am I doing threatening right now? Or am I calling for the truth, to have the right, as the old testament says, to face at least 2 accusers for my “crimes” before having to face discipline.

And I didn’t face anyone, I was banished by executive order. This isn’t truth, this isn’t Christianity, this isn’t justice. This is a group of gossipy old hens (no you don’t have to be female for the term to apply) railroading out any form of dissent or disagreement. My goodness, I just discovered that Rev. Dunlap is an Alpha Female. That is one of their primary means of control: fabrication of the bigger and better lie, and I have a multitude of lies from him.

Be careful, there is something almost sinister, no it is sinister, going on here. Be careful of following someone who only tickles your ears, and doesn’t disturb you sometimes by what he says. All three of these “crimes” of mine are offenses against someone who only wants your ears tickled.

(I just realized I should start writing my version of Pilgrim’s Progress. After all, these three crimes were also committed by John Bunyan and the Apostle Paul. Maybe this is what I needed to go through to publish my great theological fictive work. Thank you, Rev. Michael Dunlap!)

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