At The Rainbow –Starting 2023

Happy New Year! 2022 was a real trying one for me and mine — slander, libel, defamation — all were used against me. You don’t know the half of it. Some might say it would be better if I had never mentioned it at all. I disagree, but I also move on.

WordPress is a good website host, but its site editor can sometimes be atrocious. The pages look absolutely terrible at the moment, while I struggle with getting things arranged how I want them, and settle for what I can get at the moment. But right now I will envision for you how this blog is intended to be structured.

There should be a Front Page and five category pages. Posts should fit into those five categories, and the most recent post in any category will be linked to the Front Page.

Each of the category pages will be assigned a color. There will be the rainbow banner across the top, and a color stripe down the left side for the category color. the colors and categories are:

  • RED — The PRISM, a page where feature-length posts are made and developed on topics of interest.
  • ORANGE — Incompetent, Irrelevant, Immaterial. A page of posts featuring snark and satire bursting the balloons of the self-important and their illogical ideas that they expect us to believe.
  • YELLOW — Handbook of Libertarian Theology. Articles on a theology based on God as a a good libertarian. An all-powerful God who proves his power by limiting it and giving us free will, and who does not remove that free will, but offers us the option to be ruthlessly left alone (definition of hell) if we so will it.
  • GREEN — I Ponder a Vermonter, a page for short, one-paragraph posts that may or may not be later developed into PRISM features. A slush page of idea starters.
  • BLUE — The Status Report. Both the status of the At The Rainbow homestead, and the status of its residents. Sometimes seen as the State of the Author\Writer.

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