Throw-away culture

Just because someone recycles what others throw away does not mean that they are thus careful about the use and care of used items. Someone staying with us is very good at dumpster diving and curb surfing for items he trades to others for cash and his other necessities. But that doesn’t mean that the items that today was described as a gem won’t be back in the trash within the week, even more broken.

But what really startles Jasini and myself is when the people who aren’t assisting in the board program, use the kitchen’s dishes and flatware and then we find them, or even our good wedding flatware, in the trash they are throwing out. Who throws out metal forks and spoons that aren’t disfigured in any way? He does.

In another post a long time ago I talked about Selective Responsibility, where people with too much responsibility have to choose what things to be responsible for, and let others slide.

Well my person above has selective attention. He can only keep his attention on so many objects at once and others get trashed, good and bad. He means well enough when he agrees to something, but you have to keep him attentive for it to happen.

haven’t’ figured how to get around that part of it.

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