What Type of Limits for God

When people complain that evolution is necessary, that God didn’t create by 6 days but by eons of years, I think they are confused. They are limiting God. Yes, I believe God has limited Himself, but we disagree on how. Our opinions are categorically different.

God has His three Omnis: Potent, Scient and Present. The evolutionists try to limit God here. This I think is wrong. God can do all those things instantly if he chooses, he has that power.

Instead, God limits himself ethically, morally, and for purposes.

The main purpose I focus on is free will. God limits what he does for the ethics, morals, and purpose surrounding free will. Which is more difficult to calculus than calculus or phyics. Yet it is perhaps the most essential thing, according to Libertarian Theology, to understand God, what we can of Him.

The first question is: can God be omnipotent if he is not able to limit His Power.

The second question is: for what purpose does God choose to limit His power.

The third question is: Why is that limit necessary, and what are the consequences if God doesn’t limit or removes His limit on His power? Does it affect his purpose and How?

The first question goes to the issue of control. Does God control His power. If yes, he can limit it.

The second question goes to the issue of what God values, What is his purpose? I posit that it is more than mere physical or spiritual things, but moral and ethical, yeah also creational and relational. Free Will is His vehicle to his goal, requiring his limits, and I will expand this in a separate post on the History of God.

The third question goes to the issue that limits are necessary, are a defining character of God and God’s plan. Once again.this will be followed up in a separate post (possibly the same one mentioned for question two) on the History of God.

With that I halt today’s post as groundwork laid, and to be continued in the expansion game.

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