House of Lube gives smooth and 5 star service

We took longer than we should have to replace the headlight bulb that went on my wife’s car. The problem was that we didn’t know where to go and everybody We contacted either didn’t do it they had a price that came way beyond our means.

Yesterday we happened to be going by House Lube and I caught their phone number on their building so I gave them a call a lady answered there and I told her what we wanted she said that we would need to stop in them to take a look at it what did they if that’s what it was if they could do it And she recommended our dropping in first thing in the morning.

We got there as early as we could And I immediately recognize the person who greeted us I didn’t catch Her name the day before but Megan was obviously the same lady in person that she was on the phone: Friendly knowledgeable competent and a great multi tasker.

She is the sort of person and works for a team of people there that is a pleasure to watch them do their jobs well. I say that though we didn’t have a long time to observe it since our way to have Then confirm our need Did not take that long. She Quoted us a price for the headlight and the inspection which were half of what we have been quoted any place else for the headlight alone. We went over to McDonald’s to have breakfast while they did their work and came back to things just being finished up.

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