Waiting waiting

Waiting is one of the hardest things in relationships. Especially where hurt is involved After you have expressed your hurt to the other party, knowing they will feel hurt to hear what you said, you wait and wonder how they will respond: will they take their hurt and make it the center of conflict and resolution, or will they show maturity and table their hurt to find compassion for yours first?

One response to “Waiting waiting”

  1. Such an astute observation on the di-chotomy of “walking the Christian Life”. We’re commanded to “Go and Make Disciples” and “Leave the Offering and Go be Reconciled to your brother” and yet we’re also commanded to “Be Still and Know I am God” and “They that Wait Upon the Lord will renew their strength”. The Apostle’s encouragement “To be Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to become Angry”. belenced against “Be always ready to give an answer” I will pray as you wait for them to find compassion on you , that you will find the strength and means “To be Thankful in All Circumstances “. And that you will clearly see an end to your waiting and be able to once agian be doing.


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