Among The Very Young At Heart

It hasn’t been an easy day here. Our 15-year-old dog is dying, and this looks to be his last night. He could barely get on 4 legs in the morning, and by now can hardly move any of his legs at all. The cancer is eating him away.

All the family has seen him to say goodbye, and he has had a chance to see all the family. We have told him it is okay to go, I have even said we will see him again, whether I have any sound theology to support that or not. But I think I have found the root problem for Rocky.

He is still a young dog.

His body may be 15 years old, but he is still a young dog. He still enjoy life. I don’t think a fear of death is making him hold on, but not understanding why he has to leave the joy that he still sees and hears and smells. He is still young at heart.

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