The Waiting is Over

Well, the wait is over, Bob and Pat Buss. We weren’t disappointed in you when Jasini sent her e-mail to you, detailing her hurt, and asking for your empathy and understanding of your daughter’s pain.

But we were disappointed in you when you responded, not acknowledging her pain, but by saying “Sorry you are disappointed in us, but we are the only parents you have and we are hurting.”

So what? Does that mean that Jasini’s pain doesn’t exist, only yours? You failed the test of my “Waiting Waiting” post. You are responding like spoiled brat children, thinking only of yourselves, while Jasini is acknowledging both your hurt and hers. She is adulting and you are not.

Her dog of 15 years dies during this time, and you have to trump her pain with your own. You can’t even wait 24 hours to let her grieve.

Your remind her that you are her only parents, and in so doing let her know that she cannot say that she is your only daughter. You had her, then were obviously disappointed in her, and thus had her perfect sister after her to replace her. How kind, considerate parents you are to jab your daughter with such a thing. Well, since you have another daughter, one you rub in Jasini’s face to show her how imperfect she is, you can go to your thin, pretty daughter and let her help you with all your hurts. You have been the cause of too many hurts to Jasini and I am calling an end to your charade as mature, caring parents. Go and play the spoiled brat for your younger prettier and perfect daughter, and find out just how perfect she turns out to be when faced with the same selfish petulance.

This is what you get for shutting the door in Jasini’s face.

If you ever decide to be her Parents again, instead of spoiled children, let us know. It will start with an unqualified apology from you and no requirements of anything from her or us.

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