• Don’t be bitten by the snakes at the church Sanctuary Snakepit

    Don’t be bitten by the snakes at the church Sanctuary Snakepit

    It started in December of 2021. I told the church pastor and many of the leaders there that I did not feel safe at Avondale United Methodist Church. That there were people there who felt they knew what was better for me that I did, than me, my family, and team of mental health professionals […]

  • At The Rainbow

    I have been reeling a lot lately, most of the past 3 years, but especially since last Thanksgiving. I just find it hard to accept, to believe the things that I see people saying and doing, especially the things about and toward me. It is why I have been thinking a lot about Noah’s Container, […]

  • Personal Case Study #2: Peggy Chilson

    This is the popular for general audience consumption version of the full sociological report. I decided to do this case study because of a sudden realization that came from an e-mail she sent to everyone in Madrialia Bar Nonne but forgot the attachment with the information. This occurred on Friday, May 27, 2022. The e-mail […]

  • I am fated to cry

    I have intended for quite awhile to start blogging again today. But it didn’t get me doing as much prep work as I wanted to. But it did get me to write the below intended starting post for today: I was going to make today a new start, with new commitment, and instead I slept […]

  • When Church is no longer Sanctuary

    Avondale United Methodist Church, where I have attened and worshipped and served these past 14 years, is no longer safe for me. I no longer feel safe going there. Do I feel that I am physicalliy threatened, that I could receive bodily injury while I am there, do I think I might be physically molested […]

  • An unusual New Year’s Resolution

    I hope none of you are in a position to consider this, but my New Year’s Resolution is to avoid being assaulted or being charged with assaulting someone else in 2022. I choose this after a series of four years in which I have been assaulted each year, and in the latter two years have […]

  • When did the defense attorney become the plea attorney?

    I am wasting my time this morning waiting for my appointed court time to have a bench trial for the charge of assaulting someone on Dec. 23. The ironic part is that the person accusing me of assaulting him had his hands around my neck before I succeeded in disengaging from him. When I got […]

  • Pooling our Ignorance

    For today, go over and see my guest post at According to Hoyt.…

  • A continued lack of billing detail

    It has been almost 30 months since I saw Dr. Allman in Kearney and got billed $1500 for 15 minutes time. https://beswiftbeprecise.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/2018-the-year-i-almost-died/ I posted the above two blogs previously. THe below blog I wrote but never posted. Dr. Allman, during our previous encounter, had described the interaction between me and his receptionist as a misunderstanding […]

  • A Father’s Anger

    Last Father’s Day I wrote of depression. This Father’s Day I write of anger. It has taken awhile for me to realize the source of last year’s depression was gaslighting — my inner truth couldn’t accept the truth I was being asked to believe. Pravda in action. I have been struggling with that gaslighting, freeing […]