• (almost) never change song lyrics

    I have this very bad philosophical habit of picking up a lot of my catch phrases from song lyrics. Fortunately, I have pretty solid songs with philosophically and theologically stable ideas that I am usually singing or listening to. One of the things that irks me, and my wife Betsy, is the changing of song […]

  • He giveth me songs in the night

    I know I shall see in his beauty The king in who’s law I delight. Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps And giveth me songs in the night. Redeemed–Fanny J. Crosby In Sunday school this Sunday, part of the lesson referrenced a section of Psalm 42:8 (NIV), where it talks about God giving us songs in […]

  • Spirit of The Age

    In 1986 Michael Card released an album that included the song Spirit of the Age. Based on the text from The Gospel according to Matthew about the slaying of the innocents, where King Herod kills all the babies in Bethlehem trying to slay his rival to the throne Jesus, Card uses the text to compare […]

  • Accident Prone

    I went 20 plus years free of car accidents, but the past couple of years I have become an accident magnet. This morning was only the most recent of three accidents for our new car from last November, and that was a replacement for our car of 20 years that had three major accidents in […]

  • Father’s Day Depression

    I have had some great ups and downs recently. My Birthday is May 1, and before it I got inklings that my best friend was contemplating a special birthday present. I told him not to over do it, that just being there was the most important thing for me, to have him as a friend. […]

  • Waterbed Etude

    I am working on a deep thought, self introspective post, that I didn’t expect to get up for a day or two. But it could be even more than that. The time I had saved today to meditate on the subject, I now have to clean up the mess of water from a leaking water […]

  • Bullying, Hot Rages and Cold Logic

    In May 2019, when Bob MacPhearson, while engaging in a fisticuffs with me in my basement, and to which I was merely attempting to grapple him to a neutral hold, picked up a crow bar he had stashed amongst the piles of his things (we later found a half dozen of them stashed around within […]

  • Sinking sand … to Scribbling in the Sand

    I sit here this evening, my life a shambles. Everything has been torn up and shredded. Betrayal by those closest to me, best intentions of mine treated like I had used nuclear weapons, my invocation to “trust me” falling on deaf ears. Some of you think I use hyperbole. I only wish I did. I […]

  • Unjust Imprisonment

    I meant to mention some of the below as part of a very organized series of blog posts about some of my recent experiences. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my life has not been anything one could call organized recently, and thus my blog posts aren’t going to have any truly organized topical focus for awhile. […]

  • Why you need to proofread headlines

    I was having trouble filing an unemployment claim because of my last three weeks of invalid and hospitalization that hit right after I tried to file for unemployment, so I tried to have Google research how hospitalization affects unemployment. Google was no good for that, but did bring up a very interesting news headline from […]