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  • LibertyCon 31: interim report

    Today’s post is an o the scene, on the run, off the cuff report on the still in progress LibertyCon 31 in Chattanooga, TN. The con opened on Friday afternoon with an opening celebration of finding a new site to host, the Marriott convention center, and announcement of the Reed House as the spot for […]

  • A Look Ahead — LibertyCon

    Trying to put together the list of upcoming events. It is currently skewed to very few things immediate and more things further out. Also most of the events come from a very small set of sources.  Any suggestions to broaden the list is appreciated. June 29-July 1 — LibertyCon This small and size-limited annual sciene […]

  • LibertyCon 2017 : thematic after action report

    Now that I have typed up daily reports on LibertyCon 2017, I want to do a slightly different look, thematic perspective on LibertyCon 2017: Where is Sarah? – For those of us in the Hoyts Hun contingent, where Sarah was,  from her highly belated arrival (whose arrival wasn’t) on Thursday, through various other scheduled and […]

  • Sunday At LibertyCon 2017

    Session One: The Writing Hoyts Sunday we started our day with what we had hoped to do on Thursday evening: See the Hoyts read. Every scheduled time we had seen on the schedule something had come up so they hadn’t been there; we had enjoyed the sessions, but missed the Hoyts. We had a chance […]

  • Saturday at LibertyCon 2017

    Session One: Overcoming Writer’s Block I would have to say, as a currently non-fiction writer, this session was probably one of the most enjoyable, and practical, ones I have sat in on so far. The panel of five addressed the issue of writer’s block. They started with the process of how to “conquer” the first […]

  • Friday at LibertyCon 2017

    Session 1: Stealth in Space The first session/panel we hit was Stealth in Space. Which we were told would not work like the Romulan cloaking device. Stealth is based on detection ability. If you use active sensors to try and detect someone else, be assured they can see you twice as far away as you […]

  • LibertyCon Arrival

    I am sitting about an hour before the start of the first session of LibertyCon, writing via WPS on my Kindle Fire and its accompanying keyboard.  Right now I am reflecting on the journey to LibertyCon. We decided to come to LibertyCon after attending WorldCon/MidAmericaCon last year in our hometown of Kansas City. CorldCon was […]

  • A Look Ahead …

    This week is the start of the big tour. And the big tour begins with: LibertyCon The Thirtieth LibertyCon starts Friday and goes through Sunday in Chattanooga, TN. For those of us in the SciFi community, it will be a star-studded weekend with some true stars, not just those of the PC-elect. Master of Ceremonies: […]

  • A Look Ahead …

    This week’s look ahead has four items, including glance ahead teasers …   AUMC — Vacation Bible School Avondale United Methodist Church Invites Families to Rome: Paul and the Underground Church [Kansas City, MO] A summer family event called Rome: Paul and the Underground Church will be hosted at Avondale United Methodist Church. Families step back […]