LibertyCon 2017 : thematic after action report

Now that I have typed up daily reports on LibertyCon 2017, I want to do a slightly different look, thematic perspective on LibertyCon 2017:

  • Where is Sarah? – For those of us in the Hoyts Hun contingent, where Sarah was,  from her highly belated arrival (whose arrival wasn’t) on Thursday, through various other scheduled and other planned activities, Sarah sightings were easy for some, super scarce for others. Sarah herself doesn’t comprehend why so many people flock her way at these events.  We ourselves found her by accident outside a party on Saturday night, and then, finally, where she and Dan were scheduled on Sunday morning.
  • Food – The con staff in the con suite did an impressive job of having snacks, drinks and meals available during the con. There was plenty of sugary snacks, and meals on the scheduled times. My one observation was what percentage of the meals were vegetarian. We always came within the first section of the mealtime, only to find the vegetarian selection as the only thing left. They were tasty, but it seemed they over-estimated the vegetarian portion of the audience.
  • Costumes – LibertyCon isn’t a con that encourages a certain type of cosplay, but it does have a lot of people who wear various combinations of clothing that would look odd on the average street. In the video attached to this post you will see my daughter’s Griffin outfit in the first clip section.
  • Knives/weapons – Speaking of video, there is a part of my compilation that shows someone just pulling out a knife, and impressive knife, to open a package. This was a family con, one where some of the people take spare time to head out to the range to shoot a few rounds. No one is concerned about people with knives. I have no idea how many people might have been concealed carrying, and no one had a problem with that.

Ribbons – My first convention was last year, at WorldCon.  There a lot of different groups were passing out ribbons to attach to your name badge. LibertyCon didn’t have many of those, and most of them were functional.  We ended up with only two, one that said first timer, and the Usaian “scrap of flag”.  This, again, was due to the more family nature – we didn’t need to be  “tribe-signalling”  that we belonged to this or that group, because we all were already family, even the first-timers.

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