Fitness Update:Sleep Tracking

This week’s fitness tracking will have all the usual stats and corresponding observations, along with one new revelation. It will also talk about the sleep tracking portion of the Misfit Shine app.

So first I want to talk about the sleep tracking app. The first night I used the Misfit it told me I had some deep sleep. I have never had deep sleep since. But I did manage to have ti tell me that I started sleeping twice this week two hour before I actually went to bed. Apparently sitting at my computer at the evening reading is still enough to tell it I am asleep, even if I do enough walking around between that and getting ready for bed. So while the fitness app is fairly good, I’m not sure how well-calibrated the sleep portion is.

Let me turn to the fitness stats. I only swam once this week, bringing me to 21,050 yards for the year. For the bicycle I added another 40 miles to get to 799 total for the year. Since I was 86 miles ahead of my monthly pace at the start of the month, I am probably right on pace for a monthly perspective.

Running is where things get intersting this week. I only ran twice, but one of the runs was for 4.4 miles. Back on Monday of last week someone at the work locker orrm asked if I had thought of doing the half marathon for the corporate challenge. Seems they might have an opening and need someone for my age bracket.

It got me thinking how one trains for such a race, and I asked the head of the runnning club at work, who happens to be in my work group. She mentioned doing regular runs, and then once a week doing a longer one, and upping it a mile each week. Since the half marathon is 13.1 miles and the corproate challenge race is on May 21 — 8 weeks from now — it would just about get meto the 13.1 mile level. Not sure if I will actually compete, but I will see how well I take the extended distance training.

Just the one additional mile made me slow down to a 6 mph pace, but I felt like tit was soomething sustainable. So we will see if time and weather let me continue with the extended runs, and how my speed is affected. The half marathon has to be completed in 3.5 hours.

So, another possible challenge, another possible goal for the year.

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