Where is the detour?

Monday was a rainy day in Kansas City. Nevertheless, I rode my bicycle to work. I was moving along nicely until I got to the Heart of America Bridge and starting climbing the incline south for the bicycle bath. About a quarter of a mile up the path I found a sign that said ” sidewalk closed”. Another quarter mile beyond that I could see men working and a uniloader.

There was no sign, no indication, how I was supposed to get across. There was no suggested detour.

If it had been the auto bridge to be closed, there would have been signs for a detour. But apparently as a cyclist I was to be content to stay on my side of the river, to not get to work.

There are three bridges in that part of town crossing the Missouri.  The one bridge is I-35, which cannot be used.  The other is the Broadway Bridge, which is accessed through back roads and the crossing of a railroad track that can often make you wait 15-20 minutes before getting across. That left only the Heart of America Bridge itself, motorized vehicle lanes.

I thought there were signs saying no bicycles on the bridge, but I didn’t see them when I went to access the lanes. And made it across just fine.

But once again, there was no detour listed. Pedestrians and cyclists don’t warrant that. We aren’t friendly that way.

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