Fitness Update: end of streak

Well, this week I ended an 82-day streak of meeting my 1500 point daily goal on my Misfit app.

The interesting thing was Friday broke the streak. I made it out to the Kansas City Corporate Challenge kick-off walk, but that was about all the exercise I got that day between working from home and trying to keep up with a hectic work week.

Which didn’t prevent me from setting another point record on Saturday. Saturday I ran 7.6 miles as part of my training for the corporate challenge half marathon. The company has enough runners that I hsouldn’t have to compete, but just in case someone has to drop at the last minute I am continuing my preparations.

After the run I also managed to cycle up to the Wheel Cyclery to help my son pick up his new bicycle that we purchased for him during their going out of business sale, as well as take two trip to Worlds of Fun and walk around the park while eating lunch and dinner on the all-season dining plan.

Sunday I again failed to make my points. This time their was too much church, along with cumulated exhaustion, to get out for any other activity.

I managed to get another 50 miles in on the bicycle, for a total of 984 miles. Keeping on track would be hitting 1000 miles by month end.

Swimming added another 1000 yards for a total of 24050.

Running I got in two more 5k or greater runs, which includes the Saturday run I mentioned above. G now have 24 of my annual goal of 52.


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