Fitness Update: More Personal Milestones

And by milestones, I mean that literally, as well as figuratively. Though I may actually mean mile-markers along the running trail.

This week started out with the usual commuting to work, recovering from the past’s weeks physical examination. I kept my activity points up by the usual bicycling commute, and then had the accident incident on Wednesday.

Thursday got back into the swing of things with the first 5k of the week and another 1,000 yards of lap swimming.

The real milestones came on Saturday. I started the day riding to the Line Creek Trail to be there at the break of dawn. I then set my timer and started running north 6.6 miles before returning to complete 13.2 miles in an even 2 hours. I passed many mile markers on the run of my first half marathon distance.

I had started out a couple months before preparing — as a potential competitor in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge.  My company ended up with two other runners in my category, so I became the alternate. But I didn’t talk myself out of actually trying to run the distance. And run it I did.

That, along with the bicycling, and swimming at Oceans of Fun, accumulated me enough points to make Saturday my MisFit points record day.

I followed that up on Sunday by buying my first pair of running shoes. I know, seems out of order. But I finally had time to get to the Running Well Store and have them do a stride assessment and help me select new shoes.  We will see how well, better or not, I do with, actual running shoes.

I’d looked at three different pairs in my category, and finally tested and decided on Asics Gel – Cumulus 17. What a lot of numbers. Hopefully worthwhile!

Speaking of which, each lap of the Caribbean Cooler at Oceans of fun is 266 yards. So I swam (not floated) 2 laps each on Saturday and Sunday — or another 1,000 yards. Not sure how I’ll count them in my annual total, but decided it will be one more thing I will track.

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