Fitness Update: tempo continues

(Note: Another week of writing progress as the week goes on.)

Monday: Wife opened at work, so I got up when she left, ran a 5K, biked to YMCA, swam 1,000 yards, and biked to work. At end of work day I completed week 8 (final week) of the triathlon training challenge at the work Wellness Center: 2,000 yards rowing, 8 miles recumbent stationary bike, and 2 miles running on treadmill. During week 1 my time was 48:24. This time it was 41:11. For both daily runs I wore my new ASICS running shoes. That meant I had a longer conversion for the triathlon, but the shoes, and my knowledge of the treadmill and my running speeds, more than made up for it.

It was also the start of a 4-week “5K Express” training program with the Wellness Center, so I’m tracking workouts and calories via MyFitnessPal for 4 weeks for that. Misfit said I earned 1,540 extra calories for the day from my workouts, or a total of 3,670. I only consumed 2,774.

My base calorie consumption is 2,130 calories, but by the time I get my workouts my usual daily levels are 2,750 – 3,000 calories. And I tend to eat from 2,500 – 3,000 a day.

Tuesday: Was more of a walking day. I only rode 5 miles into work, dropping the bicycle off for a part replacement, thus walking the last mile to work. That was when the rain started. I also walked the mile back to the shop to pick up the repaired bicycle before riding home.

Additional walking came from going to Worlds of Fun and walking around while picking up dinner for the kids, and then walking into, around and back out of the Starlight Theater campus to eat dinner at their Best of Broadway dinner club followed by watching the musical Matilda. That was enough to get over 2,000 Misfit activity points of my 1,500 point daily goal.

Wednesday: Today’s bicycle commute was a rough one. Swift Avenue in North Kansas City should have been named Oklahoma for all the headwinds that were there. It was the first day this year I have cycled to work and back with an average speed less than 13 mph.

Today was also the day I saw the most bicycles along the route that I have in a long time. Some were serious riders, others helmetless.

I also did the PiYo class during noontime at the Wellness Center at work. I hadn’t realized how unstretched out I was until I realized how much better I felt after the class. And I worked up a good sweat. Realized too that I’d forgotten to take one of my new sweat bands with me. I’ll need to remember for the next class.

Thursday: We had quite a thunderstorm in the night, but by the time I got up for my run the roads and walks were actually dry. But halfway into my run I hit a downpour that had my shoes and shorts completely soaked by the time I got back to the house. I decided to skip going to the YMCA for my swim — didn’t feel like biking through the rain and lightening.

The weather was a humid 70 when I started my run — much warmer than I usually have been running in, so my pace suffered. It actually became easier when the rain came down and the temperature dropped about 5 degrees.

Friday: Another day threatening rain, so I skipped the morning run, but got my swimming in at Oceans of Fun during the noon hour when the park opened for the season.

Saturday: Lazy day.

Sunday: Another day of no organized fitness workouts, just park excursions and swimming. Couldn’t really do laps in the Caribbean Cooler as it was packed with people.


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