Fitness Update: Running and Racing

Once again, this week’s update will be a day-to-day progression

Monday: Started the day with a 12-mile run on the Line Creek Trail. My last long run on the Line Creek was 13.2 miles at 2 hours. Today’s run was 12 miles a 1:57:42. I knew going in that I was running a little slower. The temperature was 10 degrees warmer than the other run, there were more water slicks across the trail, along with two places with trees down and one with flowing water (less than an inch) over the trail.

I trained up to the half marathon distance, and rather than just going back to all 5K distances, I’ve decided to start shorting my regular distance runs, to gradually adopt my body to the difference again. So with all the different factors, I’m still satisfied with the time.

I also put in 30 miles on the bicycle, along with modest swimming efforts at Oceans of Fun. I came close to record Misfit points, but didn’t quite break it.

Tuesday: Started off with bicycle breaking down during the walking of the dog, so spent most of the day  doing yardwork and running around getting the bicycle to the bicycle shop — a different one than the one that had just tuned it up and repaired it twice. Total of 10 miles on various bicycles to shuttle things around

Wednesday: Ran a 5K at a 6.86 MPH pace in the morning, and picked the bicycle up from the shop in the afternoon for a 12-mile ride back home.

Thursday: Ran 400M Intervals (4 fast/4 slow) this morning, followed by a 9:11 time for the 3 mile bicycle race at the KCCC Corporate Challenge.

Friday: 11 mile bike ride , the 250 yards around the Caribbean Cooler at Oceans of Fun. Seems like my swimming is the thing taking the hit. I’m getting plenty of time in the water, but not the lap drills at the lap pool.

Saturday: Just regular walking around Worlds of Fun for rides and use of the meal plan.

Sunday: More walking along with some swimming at Oceans of Fun. Another leisure day.

Summary — Up to 39 runs of 5K or more, 33,500 lap yards and 3,700 yards of lazy river swimming. Bicycle miles are 1,388.


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