Fitness update: summer workout vacation

Note the headline.  That isn’t summer vacation, but a vacation from a workout schedule in the summer. Didn’t do much this past week. No swimming laps, just floating around Oceans of Fun pools. Did two 5Ks, which was probably the highlight of the workout for the week. For the bicycle there was 58 miles, most done randomly.

Biking is the thing that I manage to get in the most regularly year round. It is transportation.

Running is the thing I have surprised myself with how much I get done. It can be done anywhere, whenever I choose to start a route out the door.

Swimming is the one that is hard to get done. You need a particular place and available times. I usually drop my lap swimming during the summer, since we are going to Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun. I try to do some laps around the Caribbean cooler when I can as a partial substitute for the laps at the pool, but this week the cooler was too crowded to do any real swimming.

So that is the summer vacation update. I still manage to keep activity going, but not the regular items. Being active is the important thing.

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