Fitness Update: Minutes tracking

Another week where the fitness activities are there, but not in an organized progression of the various activities. Cycling got in there, there were a couple of days with very little activity, and then others with many units of activity. Much of the activity was short walking segments.

It is interesting, when translating those into minutes, how much they translate. I synced my MisFit on Sunday morning, and then on Sunday evening I synced again, and checked how it updated my monthly minutes total on the Corporate Wellness Center minute tracker we can participate in this month. My 1500 daily points came out to about 119 minutes. Of course, based on intensity, you could have fewer minutes for the same amount of points, I suppose.

It comes down to metrics: what are you tracking. You can burn a lot of calories going almost nowhere if you know the right activity, or you can go a long distance with very few. Deciding what you want to track, how you want to be fit, is the important point. This tracker is encouraging minutes of activity. So if I run or swim, I should get a lot more points for fewer minutes — which helps my points quest, but doesn’t help the minutes quest.

I’m currently #3 on the corporate minutes board. I was #2 momentarily, but don’t expect to get back up there — especially when #2 is catching up to #1, and they are over 500 minutes ahead of me. So I’ll focus on my own goals instead.

This week we hope to try the early rise method to start the running and swimming again. We will see how often I can rise early. It needs to start with getting to bed early — the part I haven’t been doing so well.

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