Fitness Update: Swimming and tracking thereof

Okay, this week I finally got back to the pool. I swam Monday-Wednesday-Friday and ran Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday.

My FitBit Flex 2 did not track the swimming. I was certain I had set it for swimming when I got it, but when I looked up a manual online, it only mentioned the word swim once, and that in the context of being swim-tolerant. It took until Sunday for me to go directly to the website and find a video on how to turn swimming on.

Which was curious, since I had apparently set the pool length and units back when I first got it, so it must have somehow turned itself off.

Which means it will take this week for me to see exactly how well the swim tracking works. Swim tracking was the whole reason I decided to try the Flex 2 over continued use of my MisFit.  The Flex 2 has worked better on the other features than the MisFit, so as long as it works well on the swimming, I will have decided that I made the correct choice.

My total swimming was 3,000 yards — 1,000 yards each day.

As for my running, this was a 21-mile week. I ran 4.5 miles each on Tuesday and Thursday, and then did a 12-mile run on Saturday morning. I ran it on the Levee along the course of my half marathon, or at least as close to the course as I could figure. I set my 9-minute mile pace again, if I measure my distances and course right. But it should be close enough to make that pace when the race actually occurs.

This coming Saturday my plan is to try and run the actual 13.2 miles of the half-marathon course, and see how well I time. I’ll be doing some guessing on some of the points. I know most people train for a half only to 11 miles and then expand on the race day, but that isn’t the pace I’m on.

Running on the levee has been good, feeling the difference between pavements and the dirt and gravel sections of the course. I am thinking that I’ll want to get to the chiropractor next week (week before the race), just to make sure everything is aligned before the run.

For the biking, I am up to 975 miles, with this month’s interim goal to be at 1,000 for the year, so don’t expect to have any issues with that. The running means I haven’t been getting in as many long biking excursions as I did in previous years, but so far I am still managing to get in the miles by shorter outings.

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